Contribute to Visual Language Research

Several opportunities are available for interested people to participate in doing visual language research...


ExperimentsI am always interested in pursing research with willing collaborators. My interests in visual language research are broad, especially for collaboration. I am interested in pursuing additional research related to my major research questions, though exploring any topic discussed in my writings or books would interest me. In particular, I might be interested to collaborate on projects looking at:

  • Visual language and education - What role can visual language in combination with text play in education?

  • Cross-cultural visual languages - How do the drawing systems and sequential images of cultures around the world differ?

  • Development - What is the development of visual narrative understanding? What is the development of drawing abilities?

However, I am open to hearing proposals for lots of idea if you think they might interest me. So, if you are currently doing research and/or are interested in doing visual language research, and would like me to collaborate and/or advise, please contact me.

Research Assistance

At this time, my research position does not allow me to advise graduate students. However, I am open to having assistance from interested students who may want to help with research. If you are currently a college student in San Diego County and interested in helping with research, please contact me directly.

Crowd-sourced research

CrossculturalWhile I have yet to try it out, I am exploring ways for people interested in visual language research to contribute to visual language research from afar. One of the ongoing areas of research for visual language research is to code and compare the properties of comic from around the world across numerous dimensions of structure.

Hypothetically, once a person is trained in the theory and coding of these properties, anyone could act as a “research assistant” from afar and be able to contribute to this research. The ultimate goal would be to create a database collecting information on the structure of thousands of comics from around the world, making it capable for large-scale cross-cultural comparisons of various dimensions of visual language structure.

If doing this type research interests you, please contact me.


Several publishers have contributed to visual language research by generously donating comics to our growing corpus of research materials. They include:

If you or your company would like to donate materials to our research libarary, please contact me. International comics especially can help support our projects looking at cross-cultural comparisons. Publishers will be thanked in the acknowledgements of all papers that uses their resources, and any data culled will be provided upon request.