Creative Work by Neil Cohn

MeditationsBefore delving into my theories of “visual language,” I spent several years testing the artistic potential of sequential art. These diverse and often experimental visual poems, short stories, and vignettes range in style from painstakingly detailed cross-hatching to broad cartoony strokes — from pen and ink to digitally integrated line-art and photographs.

If you're intereted in reading more of my creative work, check out the book, Meditations: 1998 - 2002, which includes all the works below plus a whole lot more.



Vignettes and short stories pondering love, childhood, spirituality, and the nature of the comic medium. These shorts were originally written from 1998 through 2000 and amassing to about 250 print pages, and well document my initial artistic ventures into visual language. Enjoy!

Cupid du Coeur
La Belle Dame Sans Merci, by John Keats
The Glass of Water Debate
La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Version 2
La Pluie
Life is where Love is

A Love Story

My fictional musings on the most human of topics...
This story went through a long journey. I first wrote it around 2000, drew it in 2001 (on two continents), and put on the finishing touches around 2004. It was originally written with the intention to be in print, so please bear with the peculiarities that this has posed (in some cases) for web adaption. Pages load in full, best if read with browser maximized... Enjoy!

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve

Matilda's Dream

This is my 24 hour comic from back in 1999. Mine actually took about 22 hours, plus a cover and title page... For inspiration I used an old family photo album and a book on world religions (mainly the Buddhism section, hint hint) Also, sorry that the text turned out so small, it wasn't intended for internet viewing when I wrote it. Enjoy!

Chinese Room!

My colleague from Tufts, the philosopher Daniel Dennett asked me to recreate a comic strip he saw posted on the wall of an MIT AI lab almost 30 years ago about Searle's famous "Chinese Room" thought experiment.


I was hired a few years back to do some advising for a company called CAST Inc. that develops technology for education. After talking with me a few times, they decided they'd like me to also create some graphic shorts explaining how photosynthesis works. I did two versions: an expository one and a narrative one.