Other writings by Neil Cohn

Below you’ll find other miscellaneous writings by Neil Cohn related to visual language. Topics range from creative aspects of visual language structure, to reviews of books about comic theory, to how visual language theory can change the perspective of the American comic industry.



The Visual Language Manifesto


The Visual Language Manifesto (pdf) - This collection of writing looks at the ailments of the American comic industry, and explains how Visual Language Theory can offer a perspective to change these endemic issues. The chapters of this short work were originally articles at the now-defunct ComixTalk website. They include: Reframing Comics (2005), Fight the Comic Aristocracy Part 1 & Part 2 (2004), Comics' Identity Crisis (2004), and Dissolving Comics' Boundaries (2004).


ComixTalk articles


comixtalkFor several years I wrote articles for the online magazine Comixtalk about ideas I was having related to visual language theory. Links go to original articles on the ComixTalk website:

    Interactive Comics? (February 2005) - Usually, when people think about language, there is an aspect of face to face intaction and exchange that springs to mind. This piece addresses how social interactivity factors into visual language structure and use.

    Art vs. Language (July 2004) - This pieces discusses how the cultural conceptions of "Art" and "Language" might impact the structure and usage of visual language in American society.



Review: The System of Comics - My review of Thierry Groensteen's book, The System of Comics. I cover its approach to the definition of "comics," its actual formal descriptions of the properties of sequential images, and the implications it makes about scholarship. I am not overly kind. Blog post,pdf